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Welcome to IBD Partners Kids & Teens!

Thank you for your participation and interest in IBD Partners Kids & Teens! We are so excited to partner with you on this research aimed at improving the quality of life for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). We have created this section of the website as a special place dedicated to exchanging information for our Partners like you. Below you will find Crohn's & Colitis Foundation resources, tips on managing IBD, and articles. We will also include research updates on what has been learned from IBD Partners and other Crohn's & Colitis Foundation funded research studies.

December 2014: IBD Partners Update - Power in Numbers

Answers to important clinical questions can only be found when large numbers of patients are studied. We know there are different forms of both Crohn's and ulcerative colitis; with large numbers of patients, researchers can begin to group patients by what type of disease they have in order to study both the similarities within the group and the differences between individuals – and between different subsets of the disease - on genetic, microbial and immunologic levels, which will help lead to better treatments and, ultimately, to cures and prevention of disease.

IBD Partners already has 14,000 participants but more actively engaged patients are needed if we are to find answers. A wider sampling of patients with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities and environments (diets in particular) will provide deeper insights into the disease process as well as help to identify best practices in patient care. In addition to continuing to encourage American participants, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is actively contacting patient organizations around the world to encourage international patients to participate. We also are reaching out to professional organizations and IBD researchers to let them know that there is a treasure-trove of patient-reported data available that will help them to identify trends in diet, environmental issues, sleep patterns, depression, and many more topics that can have an impact on good clinical care.

Thank you for those who have already joined IBD Partners as your participation is helping to find answers to these questions!

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