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Partnership Stats for IBD Partners Kids & Teens
(2020-09-23 23:15)

Number enrolled in IBD Partners Kids & Teens:1026
Number of U.S. states and territories
represented by IBD Partners Kids & Teens:
Gender breakdown of IBD Partners Kids & Teens:Male: 558   Female: 469
Breakdown by disease:Crohn's disease: 777Ulcerative colitis: 250

Age at Registration

Age of Diagnosis
Comments from Participants

Thank you. I really appreciate you putting this together and helping all of us!

Thank you so for doing this much needed work. Your endeavors are very much appreciated.

Thank you for this survey! We are excited for Crohn's & Colitis Foundation to build a database and gather information from families with children with IBD. We are hopeful that this information will assist researchers in their efforts to find cures for these diseases.

I'm very pleased to see Crohn's & Colitis Foundation in general and IBD Partners doing research and studies to help the children with IBD. I was diagnosed at age 14 some years ago and there was nothing like this then. I'm happy to see this. Good job!! Medicine doses, and various health care needs to be geared towards kids and their size/ weight etc. They need mental and psychological help. The whole pkg. needs studied and researched to help them be well and cope. Keep up the good work.